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Fat Loss 4 Idiots
Burn the Fat
Top Secret Fat Loss


Atkins Diet
Bob Greene’s Total Body Makeover
Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle
Fat Fallacy
The Mediterranean Diet
Six Week Body Makeover
The Sonoma Diet
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Discover Powerful Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off

Here are our 3 top picks for weight loss. These programs are the cream of the crop of dozens of strategies, guides and books we have surveyed. As with any weight loss program, please consult your doctor before use.


Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Fat Loss 4 Idiots claim the reason why most people are overweight is because they're eating the wrong foods, the wrong calories per meal and the wrong patterns on a daily basis. They also claim that the time at which you eat your meals is more powerful than prescription drugs and that not exercising is one of the biggest myths about getting fat...

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Burn The Fat

The "Burn The Fat" system was developed by long time bddy builder and famous fitness expert Tom Venuto. Tom says he can show you a fool proof way to "turbo charge" your metabolism and quickly burn pounds of fat off your body without going on a starvation diet. No need to starve yourself because this plan focuses on fat burn rather than weight loss - and no need to go through any of those fad diets that you see on TV and the internet...

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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret

The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret takes a different approach that might work where other diet plans have failed. Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst says the reason why you can't lose weight has nothing to do with your will power, over eating or the right diet. The reason why you are fat is because you have disgusting mucoid plaque and horrible little parasites living in your gut and bowels...

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